Clear Quartz Bridesmaid Bouquet


Dried, preserved florals including a bleached sun palm leaf, bleached bracken fern, pink ming fern, bleached poppy pods, bleached Italian ruscus, dried pampas grass, bleached phleum, preserved garden roses, bleached reed grass, mimi sorgo, bleached millet, bottlebrush, lunaria, bleached yarrow, bleached sea oats, and bleached amaranthus, copper wire, and an approximately 2" clear quartz crystal, all tied off with silk velvet ribbon.

See our other listings featuring "Clear Quartz" for complementary items such as earrings and hair combs.

The Process:

Carefully designed with bespoke sophistication using hand selected preserved florals to achieve our artistic vision. In addition, Agape has engaged an Angelic Reiki Master to infuse the raw clear quartz crystal with angelic energy. Wearing this handcrafted design encourages you to live life from the heart. Clear Quartz is known as the "master healer". The clarity of the stone allows an individual to achieve a similar clarity of mind. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance allowing the person to achieve harmony, peace, clarity and healing.

Please note that all preserved florals are natural meaning they might vary slightly in size, shape and color. All dried florals are natural meaning there is a chance for imperfections. Dried florals can also be delicate, handle with care.

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