Desert Rose Bridal Bouquet


Preserved dried florals using terracotta bunny tails, echinops, bronze bracken fern, troll grass, roses, pampas grass, spiral eucalyptus, bleached millet, baby's breath, mimi sorgo, mauve reed grass, and bleached yarrow accented by artificial gold leaves, copper wire, and raw desert rose crystals (semi-precious).

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The Process:
Carefully designed with bespoke sophistication using hand selected preserved florals to achieve our artistic vision inspired by the desert in Sedona, Arizona. In addition, Agape has engaged an Angelic Reiki Master to infuse the raw desert rose crystal with angelic energy. Wearing this handcrafted design promotes feelings of stability and calmness within allowing for new possibilities and beginnings. This mineral honors its connection to Mother Earth providing you with a sense of oneness and unity.

Please note that all preserved florals and crystals will vary slightly in size, shape, and color making each bouquet truly unique and one of a kind.
*This information is not intended to serve as medical advice or cure disease. Agape offers support to live life anew.*

For long lasting accessories please avoid exposure to moisture, chemicals, and sunlight when not in use. Wear gently and handle responsibly.

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